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Refrigerator Magnets and Magnetic Business Cards

For many years, businesses and individuals have been using refrigerator magnets for advertising their services. Today, fridge magnets advertising has become extremely popular, and people are looking for new and unique designs over the traditional boring magnet, which only offers only some basic information. Nowadays consumers need eye-catchy marketing pieces that are also functional. Mentioned in this article are few exciting ways to use refrigerator magnets for better marketing purposes.

1. Replace the Paper Business Card:

Many business cards end up in the trash or get lost in a drawer. However, that is not the case with the current trend of “going magnetic”. Business card magnets are less likely to be thrown away. Anyone can use magnets; you can hang up your child’s artwork, school notes, pictures or even report cards on the refrigerator. Some magnet designs have useful or emergency phone numbers printed on, just to make you keep them.

2. Go With Exciting Sizes

If your magnets are traditional, like the business card size magnet – rethink your design. Eye-catching magnets have a better chance of being displayed and kept. For example, a postcard size magnet or a magnet twice the size of a business card has more “survival” chances than a regular business card magnet. Business card size magnets with rounded corner are always preferred as they stand out, but are child safe as well.

3. Make it Useful

Make sure that the refrigerator magnet is useful to your customers. Design it as a useful tool, a little more than just holding papers on a fridge door. Designing it as a notepad, a calendar, important phone numbers in your area (only if you distribute your magnets locally) or emergency contact info sheet will help in your customer’s decision, to keep or toss it.

4. Avoid being Gimmicky

When professional magnets are being designed, avoid using overly technical or business related content. Smart consumers like simple magnets with a stylish look that provide basic information about the company or the services offered. Try keeping it short and simple!

5. Turn the Magnet into a Coupon

A seasoned businessman would definitely know his ways of attracting customers to a new product. You can use magnets as part of an economical advertising campaign. Use fridge magnets to offer special coupons or discounted rates. This way it would do its advertising job, would be brought back to you and then could be reused, providing that no limitations or expiration dates are linked to the offer.

Mentioned above are just a few simple suggestions on how to use the traditional old magnet in a modern way. You can implement other various innovative methods and fetch maximum benefits from this marketing tool.

Magnets work wonders; and different ways to use them should be tried. See some of the options we offer at

Why Not Use a Calender As the Basis of Your Advertising Campaign?

Every single person will need to look at the calendar every single day to keep track of the date, day and events. For instance, whose birthday is it, what events are you having on that day and many more. With this, we can already be very sure that the calendar is the most frequent used item in a home or business. None of us can do without the calendar in our lives. Every single human being in the world needs to refer to the calendar.

Therefore, using the Calendar to market your product is definitely a good technique to use. Always stick your business information on those table calendars and pass them out to potential customers. This will allow each person to look at it hundreds of times a years, and every single time when they refer to the calendar, they will be exposed to your company.

We always believe that advertising and marketing is to digest your business information into the minds of people and since looking at calendar is an often behavior of every person, using calendars to advertise is definitely the ideal tool to use.

There are many types of calendars. From table ones to magnetic kind. Why companies print magnetic calendar? This is because magnetic calendar doesn’t take up space as much as those table ones and at times it can be shoved into a drawer, etc. For instance, magnetic calendars are usually stuck to a refrigerator or on the computer casing. As long as there are metal surface, the magnetic calendar would definitely be of use.

Of course, magnetic calendar does not have as much pages as compared to a table calendar. So you must be sure of what kind of information to be printed on the magnetic calendar and the message must leave a deep impression and understanding of your company to the person who is using it.

Magnetic calendars are the best kind in the form of calendars. They are inexpensive and effective and the visual coverage is definitely there. So you need not worry about the Return On Investment as it will definitely be outstanding.